Simon Pocklington - Viewfinders Photography | Personal Space
Personal space nudes is a collection of portraits of women depicted in their environment. They are surrounded by treasured possessions and sometimes the detritus of real life. Stripping away clothing means the viewer only has the surroundings from which to glean information about the subject.

If you are interested in how to shoot or model for fine art nude photography or to explore some of the ideas behind my work go to Looking Through Glass. To learn more about my writing and photography visit All my photographs are available as high quality photographic prints, canvasses or as fine art prints. Orders can be placed online and are supplied by printers in the UK, Europe and the US. To see the full range in priced in £, € or $ click on BUY Contact me if you are looking for artist signed or specific sized prints
Two PussiesLoungingDo Not DisturbA Cuddly ToyAlice IIWelcome HomeLongingAlone