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I am interested in peoples’ interactions with their environs. Their effect on their surroundings, from the footprints left in the sand to the statues and gravestones erected in memory, and the effect it has, sometimes unknowingly, on them.

The places that we live, work or visit all have an influence on our behaviour and the image we present to the world. People dress and act differently on the beach compared with walking to work in the city. They react differently to the camera. It is almost unnoticed at a carnival or beach were almost everyone is waving a phone but regarded with suspicion or distrust in a working environment.

This portfolio is from the People and Places section of my Stock Photography Catalogue
Living StatueJehovahs WitnessessTram ViennaFrench market in Norwich UKAre you Father Christmas?Indoor Market, Chania, CreteAntique Shop Catania SicilyArabic Style Clock Tukay SquareTo The Rescue