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These images are designed to illustrate your erotic stories on your website and/or on sites such as Medium. Generally, horizontal images work better on these sites but some authors like to use vertical format. The vertical images can also be used on eBook covers.
To keep things simple the licence is for online use. This means you cannot use them on printed book covers, print products like T-shirts, mugs etc. or resell them to someone else to use.

They are generally safe for use on websites (no nipples or pubes showing) but, be warned some have a little too much flesh showing for the big online retailers to use on eBook covers. Read Keep Your Knickers On by Simone Francis for more help.

Fed up with seeing the same images illustrating other authors’ stories? If an image has not already been sold you can buy exclusive rights for between 1-6 months. Obviously, this costs more so contact me for details.