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A good portrait is more than a record of a persons face; it tells the viewer something about that person. That something can be an illusion or, alternatively, you can choose to display your inner self. You can opt for something challenging to the viewer or deeply erotic.

I work on three themes: Boudoir portrait, Art nudes and Fetish.

Browse my Erotica Fine Art Nude and Glamour and Fetish folios to find a style that suits you.

Most of my photography sessions are shot on location, usually in clients homes. (I can cover most of Norfolk and Suffolk at no extra cost and the rest of the UK or reasonable expenses). This gives you the opportunity to incorporate your possessions or home into the pictures and to create something unique.

I have photographed women in their 70s (I’m too polite to ask their exact age), wheelchair users and people who mainstream media don’t see as glamorous.

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